Kingman is seeing a nice constant pattern of growth, many of the subdivisions what were left unfinished when the bubble burst have sprung back to life. Builders are adding new roads all over town, the top photo was taken just off of Central in the subdivision of Hualapai Shadows between Hualapai Mtn. Rd. and Southern. The second photo is at Shrangri -La Estates between Keno and Gordon, north of I-40 off of Rt.66.  066.JPG016.JPG



This last week has brought back memories of 10 years ago, the real boom days. We had a total of 16 homes listed in Kingman for the entire 7 day week.. that by its self is low, then when you break it down:

5 are manufactured homes, one out of town off of Stockton Hill

3 homes are out of town in Valle Vista

1  home is out of town off of Stockton Hill

2 homes are “To Be Built”

2 homes are vintage no garage, needing work

That leaves us with 3 pretty normal listings

1  was built by Housing American (like Habitat for Humanity for   

    low income families who help build their own homes) built in 

    1997 and they fit 4 bedrooms into 1,253 sf. Listed for $112,000.

1  is a 2 bedroom block home with a 1 car garage in the golf course    

    area built in 1981 ~ 1,262 sf listed for $154,900.

The last is just what most buyers are looking for right now. A 2016 built home in hottest new homes subdivision, 4 bedroom 2 bath 1,910 sf with a 3 car garage & RV parking for $259,900. Because it’s not new the sellers have already gotten all the window covering and started on the back yard landscaping. (In Kingman Builders only landscape the front yard) Plus the buyer will still have one year of the builders two year warranty, See photo above


One of the origination's that I’m involved in is Friends of the Mohave County Library, it’s an All Volunteer Organization, every penny earned goes to the library for programs and goods that the county does not provide. We are having our quietly Book Sale this weekend Friday 9-22 from 9 am to 4:45 pm & Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm at the library across from Centennial Park on Beverly & Burbank, book prices are $1.00 for paperbacks, $2.00 for hardback. For just $10 a years (there are other levels of support available) you can become a member and support this wonderful group. Plus as a member we get to go in on Thursday night 9-21 at 6 pm for a Preview Sale and get first pick of all he books and you can join right at the door. Email me at for a copy of the latest newsletter.


Be very careful renting or buying homes on Craig's list or any internet sight.. there are a lot of scams out there. I had a seller who had an empty home, she went by to check on it and there were people living in it. The week before they had given rent money and a deposit to someone claiming to be the owner of the property.
In Kingman this week there is a man names Luis Perez is stealing Realtors listings and posting them as rentals on Craigslist. He took one and the agent got several phone calls and emails from people trying to rent the property. He even went so far as having one person call the Agent to see the property. He is claiming to be the owner of the property. He is also advertising one other home that has "Wardex" stamped on the pictures in his Craigslist post and at least one other home that is advertised for sale by owner on Craigslist. He is not the owner of any of these properties.

He is using the website name of and a few emails one of which is also This has been reported it to the Kingman Police Department and they are following up on it, but, would like as many people as they can to pass along information if it happens to them. The more homes we find he is scamming the worse the charges will be if they can track him down. The Kingman police info is report #17-20213 and the Officer is M. Snay A125"


Kathy Ortman

Kathy Ortman

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